Branding, UI / UX, Illustration

Icelandic Religion for U.S. Audiences

Project Overview

Asatru is an Icelandic heathen religion that celebrates kindness and nature. To introduce Asatru to American audiences, we gave the ancient faith a playful brand refresh and designed a website geared towards community building.

Roughly one third of Americans switch their religion at some point; most people convert between the ages of 20-29.

Norse Mythology 2.0

American society is becoming more secular, but not necessarily less religious. Our research showed that people still crave community and spirituality. Asatru is ideally positioned to satisfy these core human needs and appeal to younger, more progressive converts: Asatruars believe in environmentalism, LGBTQ+ rights, and living life with integrity.

The website highlights what Asatru has to offer, such as community resources, a live streaming platform, and a podcast.

Asatru Livestreaming Livestreaming empowers Asatruars to connect and share.