The Bug List

Illustration, Graphic Design, Type / Layout, Art Direction

Posters about things that really bug me.

Project Overview

Some things really bug me. There are multiple lists of things that just REALLY GET MY GOAT. It can also be lifesaving for folks to adhere to my advice. So what better way to save lives and my attitude, by a poster?
The real problem is: How do you create a safety poster that folks can read when high?


The original intention of this project was as a public safety announcement. However, my list of safety issues I care about really became a manifesto of things that piss me off. This was a one week assignment that honestly, will probably never end, as the list of things that frustrate me GETS LONGER EVERY DAY.

Imagine this in your kitchen. You will be much safer.


So, the initial process in this was researching existing public service announcements, especially old WPA posters, and finding a color palette, and structure based off of those. The four main components of what I was trying to express: Weed, Pizza, Fire, and Death. But from feedback from my peers, I needed to embrace the core concept: A fiery death awaits if you get high and make pizza.

Not only do I have opinions on how much space and energy this wastes, but also I don't want anyone to lose a toe.


After finding an attention grabbing and repeatable format, I added some more complaints and made more posters. I can probably do this forever.
One day, maybe these posters will hang in everyone’s offices and kitchens, and many lives will have been saved, and pizzas unburned. No need to thank me, it’s all in a day’s work.

The original concept is that I hate mold and would really like some way for fresh bread to appear in my kitchen every morning, without any work in my behalf.