80s HEDz: Vinyl Toy Collectibles

Art Direction, Branding, Illustration, Packaging

The 80s are back!

Project Overview

You don't have to be a kid to like collecting toys and you don't have to be an 80s baby to appreciate 80s pop culture. 80s HEDz (Home Electronic Devices) is the toyline that speaks to collectors of all ages that vibe with this iconic decade of technology, entertainment, and fashion.

Meet the Crew

Designing each character involved coming up with a backstory and a personality while sketching. Hours spent watching movies, music videos, and pictures from the 80s made this process more fun than work. Taking the characters from the illustrations and translate them to the 4" vinyl version was an interesting challenge.

Social Media Promo Animations

To hype up the toyline, each character has a 15-second animation used in social media advertising. Each animation is paired with a pop song from the 80s that matches the character's personality along with a short bit of copy so viewers can get to know the crew.

Check out the OG Mac Daddy

Toys and Pins and More, Oh My!

You know what you never hear a collector say, "I think I have enough stuff". 80s HEDz is dishing out the merchandise to keep everyone happy: enamel pins, posters, cards, and stickers. The blind box toys will also have rare versions of certain characters that come with different accessories or colorways to appeal to the hardcore collectors.