Express Yourself

Motion Design, Branding, Editor

A Nike SB Promo

Project Overview

Timeline: Six Weeks

I challenged myself by diving into 3D visual effects and type in After Effects for six weeks. While learning along the way, which there was a lot of, I hoped to come out the other end with a product that not just shows what I had learned, but has a bit of me in it as well.

Expressing Myself

Music and skating have played a huge role in my life. Around freshman year of high school I picked up a bass and a skateboard and have been jamming and skating with friends ever since. While eating lunch around Cal Anderson Park or missing my bus after work at midnight around Westlake I'd see people skating and really started missing it and how intertwined with music it was for me. Making this video was really a love letter to those two things that were such a huge part of my childhood.

The Perfect Line

After a few days of editing footage together with the music, all while watching way too many how-to videos, I began the process of placing all the Nike brand text to the lyrics of the music. After dropping it all in, extruding it, and then lighting it to the scene rotoscoping and a few shadows were then used to really make everything feel like it belonged in the scenes. All of these processes come together into a video that I believe successfully represents Nike as a brand and me as an artist.