Coterie Wine Subscription

Branding, UI, UX, Visual Design

Empowering consumers through education

Project Overview

Coterie is a monthly wine subscription service that empowers consumers through education. By designing a website and mobile app we are able to demystify the complexity of wine and encourage users to consume this wonderful beverage and explore all it has to offer.


By clicking on a wine the user can get a quick overview of the flavor profile, information on the region, producer, grape varietals, price, and a cumulative community rating.


The user can set their price range and discover over 5,000 bottles of wine. Filter results based on price, trending, personal favorites, country, region, or by grape varietal


Once the user's monthly allocation has arrived, it's time to grab the cork screw and open the app. The user can record their observations and share them with friends. The star rating helps Coterie suggest recommendations based on personal preferences. Click on any unfamiliar term, and a "tooltip" will pop up, providing a pronunciation or definition.