Flow Music App

UI / UX, Visual Design

Adaptive streaming for a dynamic life.

Project Overview

The music streaming market is dominated by giants like Apple, Amazon, & Spotify. But are these services going far enough to address the needs of their users? I asked the users, and it turns out, there's a huge demand for a wide range of features that big tech has been too slow to develop.


This project aims at envisioning a more functional, personal, and immersive music streaming experience that integrates more seamlessly into our everyday lives. Biometrics (human vital measurements such as heart rate, body temperature, etc.) and other emerging tech could be utilized to create an adaptive music-streaming service that responds to our daily movements, our natural environment, and even our emotional states. It's a music-streaming experience as active and dynamic as we are.


The goal of this project was to gather user research and explore how emerging tech could be utilized to create a better music-streaming service with a more positive user experience. I set out to develop a hi-fidelity, interactive prototype that highlights a few of the product’s main features, showcases attractive visual design, and serves as proof of the app's concept.