Topical Depression Podcast

Branding, Audio Technician, Producer

Comedy Podcast About Climate Change

Project Overview

"Topical Depression with Natalie Holt" is a comedy podcast about climate change. The show uses laughs to revitalize the tired climate conversation. Natalie chats with scientists, artists, and others about the climate crisis.

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"Welcome to 'Topical Depression', the podcast where we talk about climate change — even though we don't want to."

Passion Project

I took advantage of SCCA's amazing facilities to produce this podcast. The show wouldn't exist without its hilarious and insightful host, comedian Natalie Holt. When I approached her about collaborating, she had the idea for "Topical Depression" ready to go. It's been a rewarding experience; I've learned about audio production, podcasting, project management, and — most importantly — climate change.

I'm excited to continue to develop the show as it enters its second season in 2020.