Every Body

Branding, UX, Visual Design, Packaging

Gender Neutral Body Products

Project Overview

Every Body is an inclusive, gender neutral, personalized body products line. This project is a start to finish brand development project including UX, business model, brand identity system, complete suite of packaging, and content strategey across multiple platforms such as print, web and social.


Gender biased body product brands reinforce gender stereotypes and create gender inequality within the consumer marketplace. This leads to a gap in inclusivity and fails to address the personal needs of all people. Additionally, there has been an erosion of trust that has come as a result of traditional brands' lack of concern about the use of harmful ingredients in their products.


Every Body creates personal care products fit for every kind of human. Ethical, Inclusive, and sustainable, we empower all people to explore their personal needs and practice self-care without having to think twice what’s in the bottle or what they’re being labeled as. Our Visual language is built on abstract shapes with subtle imperfections, ambiguity in tone and visuals, and a color palette that is diversified enough to not feel overly masculine or feminine.