Ugly Bubbly

Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Visual Design

Built on a passion for what's possible

Project Overview

We wanted to design a company built on a passion for what's possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. We designed a carbonated, canned cocktail. In effort to combat food waste the alcohol component is a neutral spirit distilled from produce deemed unsellable.

A Product Made in an Effort to Combat Food Waste

We were inspired by business models like Imperfect Produce and their success among millenials for buying food that was deemed "unsellable" just for being ugly. We sought out a solution. We researched distillation processes and found we could distill a neutral spirit to be the alcohol component for our canned cocktail. The biggest problem we faced was how to get people to disassociate our product from drinking garbage.

Our cans mingle with their featured flavor illustrations

Unique Flavors Paired With Vibrant Illustrations

Let's get real... when you describe to someone you're going to make an alcoholic beverage from food waste they might think that is kind of gross... but alcohol is made when things break down... we are distilling a neutral spirit that is the component of our beverage—not the flavor. So a solution we found to part from that was to elevate our design and celebrate the flavors we decided on with bright, vibrant illustrations that felt the exact opposite of garbage.

Custom vibrant illustrations bring our product back to life

A Passion for what is Possible—it's Time for Change

We bring you Ugly Bubbly, a collaborative project. Our carbonated-canned cocktail is designed around proactive intentions to make a difference with how we address food waste. Aesthetically, our design sets apart from the competition as something different without making users feel like they are drinking garbage. Through our research we found creating this is possible and also that there is a market for this. We worked together as a team and learned it's possible to make changes in how we waste.