Echo Magazine

Illustration, Type / Layout, Visual Design, Branding

Let's explore a changing world!

Project Overview

This 2019 Silver ADDY winning magazine is about fostering healthy conversations and providing the tools for parents and guardians to approach environmental issues with their young loved ones.

Echo Magazine - Volume One

Volume one is a 100 page “masterclass” of basic concepts. Future volumes would dive more specifically into climate change issues through a closer lens. This volume is broken into 7 chapters: an introduction, forests and the Amazon Rainforest, animals and extinction, the ocean and aquatic life, a short story, how to get involved, and finally food and gardening. Activities include coloring pages, emergency supply checklist, animal trading cards, and tips on starting your own garden.

Problem & Solution

Conversation about climate change is everywhere. It's on the news, radio, social media, and woven into our social culture. With good reason. The changing environment poses an overwhelming challenge for future generations. How might we approach the young people in our lives about climate change without causing nightmares and fear? My solution, based on interviews with educators, is using storytelling and illustration to relate potentially intimidating topics in a lighthearted, approachable way.