Florence + the Machine

Visual Design, Illustration

Student Project | 6 weeks

Project Overview

Assigned a musical artist at random and tasked with creating a poster that would resonate with a fan of their music, I decided to utilize illustration and symbolism to portray Florence + the Machine in a unique and unexpected way.

Florence + the Machine is an English indie rock band known for its dramatic and eccentric productions, as well as lead vocalist Florence Welch’s passionate performances.

When I was listening to the music and brainstorming a visual concept, I kept thinking about how powerful the vocals are and the intense emotion contained within each song. The word "strength" kept coming to mind, so I chose to symbolize this strength with a bold illustration of Welch and a roaring lioness.


The poster's visuals are inspired by the religious, pagan, and mythological imagery frequently present in the band’s lyrics. For example, the lion is based on motifs from Tarot cards, and the geometric shapes are inspired by sigil designs and alchemic symbols.

The poster’s design evokes the raw emotional energy of the music, and speaks to the often surreal themes of the lyrics.

This visual concept can also be expanded to other merchandise, such as CD covers.

CD cover mockup