Spa Noir Rebrand

Branding, Type / Layout, Visual Design

Collective Healing

Project Overview

Spa Noir is a day spa located in bustling Belltown. Warm, artisan and alternative - Spa Noir offers health and beauty treatments that consider the well being of the customer, community and environment. We were tasked with developing a brand that accurately captures the character of Spa Noir.


Spa Noir is a perfect balance of offering services that are alternative and ground breaking while still staffing trained professionals that are certified and highly knowledgeable. With a higher price point, the challenge appears in creating a brand that reflects the level of refinement and expertise while not losing the edge that makes them special. How might we design a brand that instills confidence in the price point while still embracing the personality of the company?


Spa Noir is set apart from their competition by offering alternative services like CBD treatments, and by providing genuine and specialized customer service and care. Our solution is developing a brand that speaks to the community minded, alternative, and self caring customer base. Then, fortifying that by designing a brand guide of applicable assets that allow the brand to express this identity in a consistent and practical way.