Coterie Wine Subscription

Branding, UI / UX, Visual Design

Empowering Consumers through Education

Project Overview

Coterie is a monthly wine subscription service with interactive website and application solely focused on helping users to gain better wine knowledge, expand their palette of wines, articulate what they like, and feel wines more approachable.

By creating a website and mobile app, we hoped to empower users to make better decisions of buying wine, appreciate every aspect of wine, and overall, overcome the wine anxiety.

Simple Profile Quiz for Wine Curation

An easy on-boarding process to monthly shipment is available on the website. Taking a profile quiz will curate the wines that suit your taste, and will help you decide other details of the shipment, such as the number of wine bottles and price range of wines.

Personal Mobile Wine Journal

After getting the shipment, it is time for customers to rate the wines they had. Customers can wine tasting notes in the mobile app and are able to share their reviews with the community. Coterie app also allows customers to know more about the wines and edit the monthly shipment cart.