Moxie Magazine: The Mural Edition

Type / Layout, Visual Design, Art Direction, Illustration

Where Creativity Meets Action

Project Overview

Moxie is an artists resource for information and inspiration—where creativity meets action. Moxie celebrates and spotlights artists and their hustles. It promotes creative business advice and technical tips to get properly rolling.

"The arts are critical to our society, they inspire, they engage, they challenge, they educate and in the end the arts connect us to all that makes us human." —Jane Golden

Artist Victor Melendez Photographed by Alexa Glossen

The Spirit Behind the Project

Moxie is a labor of love. My background is in murals, this is why I started my own business. I taught myself the ins and outs through trial and error and determination. What makes Moxie successful is the spirit of collaboration that is captured within the content. Creative people are some of the most generous to share information because at the heart of everything they love art. They love supporting each other and this magazine captures the intentions of artist's sharing and passing love and art