That Rebel Itch / Reebok

Art Direction, Fashion & Beauty, Editorial Photography, In Studio Photography

Photography...but make it fashion

Project Overview

A collection of my two favorite shoots during my time at SCCA. These projects challenged me in new ways, allowed me to work with talented people, pushed my creative limits and made me a better photographer.

That Rebel Itch

This project was a collaboration with stylist and apparel designer Le’Ecia Farmer who has built her brand “That Rebel Itch”. Le’Ecia is all about making something out of the ordinary and using scraps of fabric. A concept I incorporated into the set design and my photography.

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

My main goal of this project was to, not only produce a spec commercial shoot for a brand like Reebok, but to capture my subject in interesting ways to showcase the shoes.