Sandstone Distillery

Cinematographer, Audio Technician, Video

Documentaries and BTS photos

Project Overview

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when you have a character as endearing as John Bourdon from Sandstone Distillery, you've just got to let the man speak for himself!

The Column the Community Built

My second documentary for Sandstone Distillery. It's the story of how owner, John Bourdon, took action during the Covid-19 crisis to halt production of his award-winning alcohol and shift to producing hand sanitizer, a much-needed commodity for the community. John and his team constructed a custom column to convert his largest, most historic still, into a machine that could create high-proof alcohol at an impressive rate. Although, John can't wait to go back to making whiskey in the woods again.

The Big Pot Gabe

My first documentary for Sandstone Distillery in Tenino, Washington. It's the tale of Gabe, a giant copper pot saved from the brink of destruction to be converted from a milk condenser to a GIANT whiskey still (with a quick stint as a laxative producer). The story goes back over 100 years, and nobody tells it better than the charismatic John Bourdon, who started distilling because he was bored and there was nothing good on TV. Grab a drink and enjoy the journey.